How to continue to feel normal during the Covid-19 Pandemic:

(Blog Post 2 – Great North Counseling Services – MASC2690: Public Relations – Nathan Datres)

Feeling Normal is something that is hard for all of us to do during this pandemic. Our routines have been messed up beyond belief and now we’re stuck inside stewing in our mental health and not knowing what to do or how to cope. First things first. Do. Not. Worry. We will get through this together and come out stronger than before. We’ve put together a short list of things that can help you regain some normalcy to life now.

  1. Stay in touch with your family and friends:
  • With the internet at our fingertips it is super easy to stay in touch with your loved ones, whether its just chatting or sharing jokes over social media or using Skype or Zoom to contact them and have a video call. Using these different methods of communication will allow you to still talk to and see your friends while everyone is stuck inside.

2. Go Outside:

Lake Bemidji
  • Many people think that the Stay-In-Place order is restricting us from going outside and enjoying these beautiful Minnesotan spring days, well it isn’t! Go outside, go on walks with your family, go on a bike ride around Lake Bemidji or on biking paths. Going outside is not just a step toward normalcy again, but also is just good for us. Staying cooped up inside all day isn’t the healthiest.

3. Schedule or Look into Tele-Therapy:

  • While you’re stuck inside, you also have access to the option of working hands on over the internet with someone to help you in a more… electronically hands on way. We here at Great North Counseling Services are committed to making sure we maintain as much care as possible, your health is a priority. We are available over the telephone, our client portal, and for telehealth sessions.

Contact Us At:

(218) 214-6096 – Office Hours Tuesday through Friday (9am-7pm)

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