The importance of taking care of your mental health right now.

(Blog Post 3 – Great North Counseling Services – MASC2690: Public Relations – Nathan Datres)

With everyone being stuck inside due to the Stay-In-Place measures set by states governors, people are restricted from carrying out their typical routines and daily lives. Being away from these aspects of our lives that we grown so used to can be detrimental to our mental health and with social distancing measures in place, we can’t actively see people as much as we used to. With everything that’s going on, the biggest priority that we here at Great North Counseling has is to make sure that your health is priority #1.

With that being the case, we have continued to remain open for our patients to continue to receive treatment and care over the phone, using our telehealth counseling sessions, and through our client portal. Our telehealth counseling sessions are HIPA compliant and you have our confidence that your privacy isn’t breached. Our staff is working hard to bring you the services that you need to remain healthy and happy.

With these measures in place, we hope that our patients will continue to reach out and that more will reach out to us who need our services at this time. We must work and stick together during these tough times. We urge you to please contact us or seek help if you determine that you need our services.

Please visit our contact page for more information on how to contact us:

(218) 214-6096; The office phone will be answered Tuesday through Friday (9am-7pm) for scheduling.

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